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Designing - Retractable Swimming Pool Enclosures

When we first starting thinking about retractable swimming Pool Enclosures we didn't want to push it open, have it blown away or collapse from to much snow and tall enough not to hit our heads on the side roof. Sounds easy but everything we looked at and researched showed manufactures were just trying to sell indoor/outdoor swimming pool enclosures with a retractable roof made for warm tropical climates and modify them for colder climates. And promise they are good enough. But we didn't accept this and decided to design and manufacture the best retractable Pool Enclosures in the World to withstand snow, wind and the cold.

We are committed to adding comfort and convenience to your swimming experience through sturdy and custom pool enclosures. Our inground pool enclosures are tried and tested in varied weather conditions for durability and stability before offering them to our valued customers.

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Retractable pool enclosures have a uniquely pre-stress patented framing system that are made from aluminum and stainless steel rods. The rods preload the enclosure structure so it acts like a welded structure since a bolted structure acts more like a hinge assembly. This allows the structure to have greater snow and wind loads. The frame design also includes a gutter system which collects and channels internal condensation to the outside.

Another unique feature to CIP Enclosures is our patented splice plate assembly that does not require hitting the enclosure during construction in any way. The framing components are positioned and fastened together in a mechanical lock that can withstand much greater loads then conventional building systems. Visit our engineering company at for more information. Our aluminum frame is finished with a high quality architectural paint that comes in a range of colours. The finish demonstrates outstanding resistance to color change, chemical cleaning, gloss shift and humidity. As well meets or exceeds all criteria of the AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) 2605 specification.

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The roof and side glazing is made from polycarbonate, clear acrylic or glass panels. Each panel is compressed between seals to provide a thermal break to help reduce heat loss.High-quality glazing also helps to reduce energy bills and reduces your carbon footprint.

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For snow and wind tracks are required. But on trackless systems securing the enclosure to the deck in high winds or snow is required. But figuring out when high winds will be around is difficult to determine so locking the retractable pool enclosure with bolts to the deck at all times is recommended. That is why CIP has a low profile track that the enclosure can sit right on the deck or can be submerged below deck if desired. But no worrying is required about high winds or bolts.

The enclosures runs on wheels that allow the telescoping bays to be guided on parallel tracks. The tracks are made from aluminum alloy and are anodized to match the deck colour and are available in a range of colours including bronze, gray and brown.

Track installation requires a relatively flat and smooth surface and are secured with stainless steel fasteners to the deck. A permanent locking system is installed to secure the enclosure to the tracks at all times. No need to further secure the enclosure with bolts or anchors.

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Motorized Drive System

Our patented motorized drive allows the enclosure to be opened or closed with the push of a button. No pushing is required!

For safety a number of security and safety measures have been incorporated.

  • key must be inserted or code
  • push a button or touch the screen to move pool enclosure
  • movement of the enclosure will stop when button or screen is released

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CIP pool enclosures patented design allows the standard opening between frame supports to be quite large up to 82.7" by 8' high. No cross bracing in front of the panels is not required providing a clear and unobstructed view.

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All Pool enclosure hardware is assembled using stainless steel fasteners of the highest quality to ensure flawless performance, superior strength, corrosion resistance, and durability for years to come. We only use the best stainless steel grade for fasteners and use the right tools for proper, precise installation for enhanced performance.

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Windows & Doors

All pool enclosure windows and doors come with tempered glass (including locks and screens). The enclosure's rigid frame design allows for sliding doors to be made from tempered glass. Tempered glass is less susceptible to scratching and it can handle more stress than its untampered counterparts. With its strength and safety features, it can provide better all-round protection while meeting building requirements and codes. Even when breaking, this type of glass crumbles into small pellets instead of breaking into large pieces that can cause serious injuries.

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Retractable pool enclosures components are partially assembled when delivered. Assembly is performed on-site by qualified personnel within 10 to 15 days or less depending the Pool Enclosure modelOur installation process is carried out by highly experienced and well-trained technicians using advanced safety gear and state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Our professional technicians will not leave your site unless they are completely satisfied with the quality and accuracy of the installation work.

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Retractable Pool Enclosure are customized to meet your specific requirements.

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