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FAQs - Retractable Patio & Pool Enclosures

What is a retractable pool enclosure from CIP?

Like a sunroom or solarium, retractable enclosures provide an indoor environment with an outdoor view. Unlike indoor pools or a solarium, retractable pool enclosures can be opened up. Just push the button.

What is a Retractable Pool Enclosure used for?
Typically, a retractable enclosure is used for swimming pools and hot tubs. However, retractable enclosures have other purposes such as on roofs (roof enclosures), indoor pools for hotels, covering decks or patios just like a solarium. By connecting the retractable enclosure to your house, you can create an extension of your current living area.

What are some of the advantages with retractable enclosure?

Retractable pool enclosures extend the life and usage of swimming pools while reducing maintenance cost and time. Other advantages are:

  • Extend your living area
  • Provide the warmth of the sun without the UV rays
  • Provide protection from insects such as mosquitoes, similar to screen enclosures but better

Retractable enclosures how do they work?
Retractable enclosures are made from individual bays or sections. These sections are telescopic so when they move they retract, one inside the other. Each bay or section has it's own wheels that sit on a track system, guiding each bay or section as it opens or closes. The enclosure can be opened partially or fully. Our automatic drive system handles the physical movement of the pool enclosure with a push of a button.

Can an enclosure from CIP be used all year?
Yes! The retractable enclosure will trap solar energy. Just like a solarium the retractable enclosure will increase air temperature by 10-20°C/18-36°F when closed. If you have a heated swimming pool, the heated water will provide some additional heat. In most cases, the heat from the sun and water will keep the retractable enclosure at a comfortable temperature for 3 seasons. But in the northern States or Canada it is necessary to have an additional heating source by using our hydronic floor design and air exchanger.

Can the retractable enclosure be connected to my existing home?
Yes! By connecting a CIP retractable enclosure to your existing home you can extend your available living area.

Can debris or leaves get into my pool if I have a pool enclosure?
No. When the pool enclosure is completely closed, the double seals along the sides and seals along the bottom will prevent leaves and other debris from getting inside the enclosure. Retractable enclosures installed over pools will reduce maintenance time and cost.

How does your retractable pool enclosures open?
CIP retractable pool enclosures have a patented automated drive system. You simply push a button and the retractable pool enclosure opens! No manual pushing is required and no moving one bay at a time.

How do I clean the pool enclosure?
Cleaning is the only maintenance requirement. Use a high pressure washer on a low setting or a cloth with some mild soap.

Do I need to clear snow similar to the hooped enclosures?
CIP enclosures are designed with the northern states and Canadian winters in mind and can withstand the extremes. However, hooped enclosures require snow removal and are really designed for warmer climates that don't meet our northern states and Canadian snow loads.

What about water runoff and condensation?
A pool enclosure has a lower R-value then a house and when internal temperatures exceed external temperatures, you may to see condensation form on the inside of the panels. If the pool enclosure is covering a swimming pool or spa pool.

No action is required the condensation will not do any harm to the pool enclosure. When condensation forms, the pool enclosure is designed to handle the moisture. The panels are designed at such an angle that water will run down and collect in the rafter gutters. The gutters are designed to collect and direct water out from the pool enclosure. All pool enclosures are specifically chosen for their ability to withstand a wet environment without rusting.

Condensation can be eliminated or minimized by the following options:
  • Use our automatic pool cover with your pool
  • Venting the pool enclosure by opening doors, windows or the enclosure
  • Installing a dehumidifier

Can a retractable pool enclosure go over my existing patio or swimming pool?
Yes, you can install an enclosure over an existing swimming pool. Please contact us to discuss the details for your site.

We have high winds where we live?
The retractable enclosure is made to withstand high winds up to 100mph. No tie downs are or straps are required. It is recommended that the enclosure be fully closed in high winds.

What is the largest size of a retractable enclosure?
Retractable enclosures are custom designed to almost any size and configuration.

How are tracks installed for the enclosure?
Tracks can be installed either on top of an existing surfaces such as a deck provided there is a foundation under the deck to meet code requirements. If preferred the track can be flush by placing the track in a groove.

I was told that I don't need a foundation for the pool enclosure?
A foundation is required to meet local code requirements. If a pool enclosure is installed on an existing deck with no foundation, the enclosure can collapse or be lifted by high winds

Do we need to apply for a permit for the pool enclosure?
CIP pool enclosures are designed to meet local building codes. A pool enclosure maybe considered a temporary, removable building/structure, and a permit may not be required in some locations. You will need to contact your local municipality to determine if a permit is required. CIP will assist you in providing any needed documentation or drawings.

How long will it take to order and install a retractable pool enclosure?
Depending on the size of the pool enclosure it will take approximately 8-12 weeks once the permit is approved until your pool enclosure is installed. The installation will take approximately 10 to 15 days depending on the model and size.

When time of year can a pool enclosure be installed?
Pool enclosures can be installed at almost any time during the year dependent on the weather.

Can we install a CIP pool enclosure myself?
Yes. The pool enclosure was designed with a minimal number of items. With a basic understanding of construction and the necessary equipment, two individuals can build the enclosure. We recommend one of our trained staff to be on hand to provide assistance.

What is the typical cost of a retractable swimming pool enclosures?
The cost of an retractable enclosures will depend on many factors such as size and style. Costs range from lows in the $45 psf range to over $80 psf. Applicable taxes, shipping, site prep, installation are all considerations.

How do I acquire information about CIP retractable pool enclosures?
If you require further information, please contact us.