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Fixed or Retractable Pool Enclosures & Swimming Pool Enclosures

Patio and Pool Enclosures by CIP are lightweight architectural buildings designed and built to meet North America`s strictest building code requirements. Utilizing state of the art technologies and world class engineering, every project is guaranteed to satisfy every owner`s requirements. Our Automatic Pool Blankets stop evaporation and heat loss without any of the fuss of hand cranked reels or pull out systems. Just push the button. Turn your outdoor pool and patio areas into an indoor landscaped oasis with our patented automated systems. Our products have innovative design features that are truly unique in the industry.


We designed Enclosures from the ground up with the latest engineering tools.

When we first starting thinking about a Pool Enclosure we couldn`t see everyone being able to push the bays one at a time from end to end. We wanted it designed for the extremes of our North American climate, rugged enough for all weather conditions, snowstorms, hail or hurricanes. We also wanted clear, uncluttered views without cross struts construction, beams or supports. Sounds easy but everything we looked at and researched showed manufacturers selling pool enclosures made for warmer, tropical climates and modify them for colder climates if a client inquired, with a promise that it would be good enough. But for our climate, we couldn`t accept this and proceeded to design and manufacture the best swimming Pool Enclosures in the World to withstand snow, wind and the winter cold, to allow year round use of an outdoor swimming pool-patio area by turning it into an indoor pool.


Why we decided to develop the world's first and only truly Automatic Covering system without side rails or draw strings or any effort.

Everyone gets a pool cover when they get a pool. Usually it is used for a certain period of time and eventually becomes such a time consuming hassle, wrestling it on and off the water manually, even with a roller and handle, that it eventually falls into disuse. However, the costs of heating the pool water and the cost of water itself, evaporating as it does, makes a blanket a very useful thing. So, with the help of our engineering company Palladium Product Development & Design we developed the world`s first and only truly Automatic Pool Cover system, without side rails or draw strings. Completely automatic. What a joy to cover and uncover the pool with just a push of the button.

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